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Nuclear Drive

Before I had time to think about it
And right before my eyes
The machine had landed and the doors were open wide
I stepped inside the spaceship, a voice said
"Take a seat man, do you want to cruise the Universe
 to go where no one else has ever been?"

[Dave Bock]
But before I could answer
The ship began to rise
I looked out of the porthole
And felt most peculiar inside
Take me up the skyways
Show me what you've seen
I want to cruise the universe
In your superspace machine

(Brock)EMI Music Publishing
[Huw Lloyd Langton & Harvey Bainbridge]

A Worldwide Discography

        Over the years many discographies have been published detailing
   Hawkwind's album and single releases but none I have seen go into any
   great detail over sleeve variations and country of origin etc.
        This website is dedicated to putting that right. On the following
   pages I aim to list out all album and singles releases related to the
   band with graphics of all sleeves along with track listings, catalogue
   numbers, release dates and country of release.
	  It is certainly not complete and therefore I need your help.
   If you know of other releases or can confirm dates and catalogue numbers
   or if you have any other comments please mail me.adawson@clara.net

Click on the links below for the category listing.

release from Cherry Red Records

Zones This is Hawkwind - Do Not Panic

[Zones this is Hawkwind - Do Not Panic] Go to Cherry Red Records [Zones This is Hawkwind - Do Not Panic]

Hear Hawkwind live recorded during their U.K tour 1997. Click the link below. proto-punk space warriors trek albion at full warp - live capture

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